Well, as life would have it (and has had it multiple times in the past), this blog got a little away from me.  So here we are, almost a year later, and what has changed?  Well, a LOT.  First of all, we have moved into a different home, and so far are enjoying it immensely.  Lots of space to roam, a pool, great neighbors, and closer to all the things and people we love.  Secondly, my employer finally put their, ahem, “foot” down on the usage of VFF’s at work, so I went with my plan B, the Vivo’s, which served me well, but were never quite as comfortable or made me nearly as happy as my Vibrams.  So, I quit.  Well, ok, that wasn’t the ONLY reason why I quit, but for the sake of argument, it started there.  🙂  I went back to pursuing my own business, a mobile optical dispensary and repair service, and now spend my days driving around town fixing people’s glasses and helping them get back on with their lives.  Its a great career, and while financially its been tough, emotionally and spiritually it has been a blessing for me, giving me back LOTS more time with my family and friends that I had lost working myself to the bone at my previous employer.  And my feet thank me too, as I can now wear whatever I feel like to work (and play, and swim, etc etc).  So of course, my collection has grown.  Oh, come on, you couldn’t see that one coming?  I now am the proud owner of my brown Treks, black KSO’s, grey camo KSO’s, charcoal smartwool classics, and another pair of KSO’s that I can’t for the life of me remember what they call the color, but basically khaki and green.  My wife’s collection has grown too, and she now owns 4 pairs as well.

I plan on writing more again, but I also plan on writing on a variety of topics.  My interests are many, and hopefully people that are interested in finding out about barefoot shoes might also share some of my other interests as well.  And if not, well, skip those posts.  🙂

I hope those that have found this blog from the birthdayshoes website will continue to read, and I pray that I find the time (of which I have a lot more of lately!) to continue to write interesting and informative articles.